About CaterpillarBD

Every year thousands of students go abroad to widen their academic horizons, education and job opportunities. Nowadays a noticeable number of Bangladeshi students are desirous of pursuing Courses abroad In addition to these factors, there are a growing number of Universities offering free education. The Euro Zone crisis is providing a favorable environment for students from Bangladesh.

Through its foreign policies, abroad is putting in considerable efforts to attract critical talent to work and study in abroad. A foreign national can seek employment in abroad if they have a residence permit, which entitles them to live and work there. One can attain a residence permit with the help of the foreign immigration authority located in their home country .The sooner you start the process the better it is. Preparing your application to get approved takes due diligence, but as for now you, don’t have to worry because you are at right place to start your search for the right educational course according to your area of interest.

If you are planning to study in abroad and eyeing for the right Consultant to study, then you are in the right place. We at CaterpillarBD LLC provide students with relevant information and procedure to get them through in the most sought after universities in all over the world. We have placed a big number of Bangladeshi students abroad for higher studies over the years that we have very specialized knowledge in processing the admissions procedure especially for different Courses in all over the world. When it comes to the higher studies in abroad, CaterpillarBD is the most ideal firm and undoubtedly the number one in this domain of sourcing the right information about higher studies in Abroad. Our successfully placed Bangladeshi students in abroad are our true mascots.